Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011


                                     R.E.D W.O.L.F 


Ini hasil dari Doubutsu-Uranai
                      I AM.... R.E.D  W.O.L.F 
1. Who is not afraid of meeting new people, and are kind to everybody.
   :: Yupz..betul sekali... :)
2. You are very sociable and extremely innocent woman. 
   :: Ramah klo mood lagi baik ahahahha...
3. There are many unique type of people in Red Wolf.
   :: Yeeeesss... I'm unique, different from the other... ;D
4. You are bold enough to push your own way, without being restricted by tradition and common  knowledge.
   :: Push..push..push..teruuuusss....
5. You don't care what the other people think of you. 
  :: B.E.T.U.L... I don't care people thinking me... Selagi gw bener gw ga peduli apa kata orang :)
6. You want to do as you wish.
  :: I hope i can do it.. tapi kadang2 tak bisa..
7. Your life style and preferences are little bit different from others. 
  :: Y.E.S.... gw ga suka di samain dengan yang lain...:)
8. You dislike having no style of your own. 
  :: Makanya ku ciptakan gayaku sendiri...
9. You possess your own sense of balance, and you create your own environment.
  :: Balance..balance..bikin dunianya sendiri
10. You have sharp instinct that you use in daily life. This makes you do a good job of life. 
  :: B.E.T.U.L.. insting gw tajaam...setajam silet wkwkwkwk... :D
11. You are very pure inside, but this sometimes can create misunderstanding.
  ::  Terlalu pure ternyata ga bagus....
12. Your action that you do unconsciously may not be understood by the others.
  :: Kadang orang lain ga tahu apa yang ku perbuat..
13. Once you decide on something, you will definitely carry it out.
  :: Right... apa yg sudah di putuskan pasti langsung dijalankan...
14. You ought to be careful not to give up so easily.
  :: Oh ya?! belajar agar jangan gampang menyerah..
15. Although you tend to be rather unique, the way you look for originality makes you successful in the field of designing and planning
  ::Betul2... mungkin dengan desain dan perencanaan, saya bisa sukses :)
16. You are cheerful and have dreams, so you can adapt to circumstances quite easily.
  ::  Yang ini ga usah di tanya lagi... beneeeer sekaliiiiii...
17. You have a good sense of balance. 
  :: Balance..balance...balanceeee
18. You can think and calculate about your future
  ::  Oh yaaa?! hebat yk gw ahahahhaha...
19. You may go for an arranged marriage.
  ::  Bwuahahahah...dengan siapa aku married?! prince?!
*Hahahhahaha...ujung-ujungnya begini... curcol...

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